Why Machine Embroidery Designs Are Growing In Popularity


Why Machine Embroidery Designs Are Growing In PopularityThe advent of machines has revolutionized everything and embroidery is not an exception. Embroidery is an old technique which is evolved from the ancient stitching technique used by the Chinese and Europeans.

In earlier times, the embroidered clothes were only meant for high-class society people. It was so because, without embroidery machines, people used to create embroidery designs by using needles and thread.

This hand-based embroidery process takes too much time to complete even one project. Thus, only high-class and wealthy people were able to afford the embroidered clothes. But, the introduction of embroidery machines has made it possible to offer the embroidered clothes at a low-cost price.  

The embroidery machines can help in completing the embroidery work at a much faster pace. But you need the digitized design to convert that design into embroidery work. You can create the digitized version of the design by yourself or you can download the computerized embroidery designs online such as theLSU logo vector computerized embroidery design.

The logo design is the computerized version available on an online embroidery store and you can directly use it for embroidery purposes. It means various embroidery projects can be completed quickly.

Now, the embroidered clothes are available at budget-friendly prices. Therefore, even the less wealthy people can also afford them easily. Well, hand embroidery vs machine-made embroidery is a heated argument.

The supporters of handmade embroidery say that it is superior and unique. But, the popularity of machine-made embroidery designs is growing. Here, in this article, we will discuss the reason for the growing popularity of machine embroidery designs. Take a look at the following points:


1. Designs As Per Requirement

With the help of embroidery machines, you can easily create any design. When you are using an embroidery machine for creating the embroidery pattern, then there are no chances of errors.

You will get a replica of the design. If we talk about hand-based embroidery, then it is associated with the risk of errors. Sometimes, even a highly skilled person can do mistakes while doing hand embroidery.

Once you have a digitized design, you just need to upload it into your embroidery machine and wait to see the precise embroidery results. Also, you can easily create a various number of copies of this design. Thus, machine embroidery is quite beneficial for those business owners who have to cater huge volume of customers.

2. High Speed

The embroidery machines can work at a much faster rate as compared to the human. In addition to this, machines will never get tired just like humans. The hand embroidery process takes many hours, even many days for complicated embroidery design.

On the other hand, the machine-based embroidery will just take few minutes or few hours to complete the assigned projects. The high turn-around time and quickly delivering the embroidery projects have led to the increased demand for machine-based embroidery. The invention of the embroidery machine has reduced the time for completing the embroidery projects.

3. Reduce Cost

As I have already explained that in earlier times the embroidered clothes were meant for only wealthy people, therefore, the embroidered clothes were low in demand. Now, the reduced cost of embroidered fabric has led to a significant increase in demand for embroidered garments.

The machine embroidered clothes are beautiful and budget-friendly as well. Therefore, not high-class and rich people, but low- or middle-class people can easily afford them. Embroidery used to be expensive because of the effort and hours that had to be put into making them.

The hand-based embroidery takes too much time and required high skills. Therefore, the handmade embroidery cost high. The advent of machines has made it possible to make the embroidered garments affordable for all.

4. Perfection In Design

The machine embroidered clothes are high in demand not just because they are affordable, but they are beautiful as well. With the help of embroidery machines, you can convert any design into embroidery work. When it comes to hand embroidery, sometimes it becomes very difficult to convert the complicated sketch-work into embroidery artwork.

The embroidery machines can easily produce accurate designs. It will improve the aesthetic appeal of the cloth and the beautiful designs will make your clothes look elegant. With the help of the software, you can see that how your design will be going to turn out.

Also, you can take a sample piece of your artwork because the machine can quickly produce many embroideries from the same design in just a few hours. Moreover, the embroidery machines are also free from human errors like a slip of the hand or many more.

For instance, if you want to embroider Steeler’s logo on your t-shirt, it is difficult to do it by hand. The machine can easily convert the digitized Pittsburgh Steelers embroidery design into embroidery work.

Therefore, the demand for machine embroidery clothes is rising as compared to hand-embroidered clothes. It is impossible to neglect the various amazing benefits of machine embroidery.

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