Triund Trek: Unraveling Himachal Pradesh’s Treasure Trove


For a city tenant, nothing could be more unwinding and blissful than heading out to slopes that are covered with lavish greenery and outside air! Such charming magnificence and harmony can be seen in the ‘crown gem of Dharamshala’, Triund.

With all its characteristic allure and greatness, Triund is situated flawlessly between the laps of Himachal Pradesh’s Dhauladhar Ranges and the charming Kangra Valley. Likewise, Triund is among India’s most famous journeying objections for the young and pulls in lakhs of experience darlings from the whole way across the country. The interesting territories and bends offer an ideal mother lode to its adventurers.

Here’s the reason to gather your sack for Triund

Triund gloats of the vivacious and unmistakable Tibetan culture with amazing religious communities that are furnished with delightful shelters, icons of Buddha, haggles, and pennants. While on your trip to Triund trek , you will observer probably the best perspectives on the lavish green mountain ranges, white mists and the thick woodlands. Probably the best insight to be had on this trip is to observe the bunch brilliant heavenly bodies setting the night skies stunning.

Prominently, the Triund journey is a precarious climb of more than 1,100 meters. It is neither a protracted nor a troublesome journey. From Galu sanctuary, it just takes around 3 hours to arrive at Triund. The excursion of steep climbing starts at the last 2 km from Snowline Café, which implies the journeying is very issue free.

Arriving at Triund from Mcleodganj

Galu is the beginning stage of the Triund journey. To arrive at Galu, one can either employ a taxi from Mcleodganj or simply start the journey directly from that point. Numerous voyagers start their trip from Bhagsu Nag which is celebrated for the shocking cascade.

In addition, while journeying from Galu, one needs to follow a way that goes through a thick woodland covered with deodar and oak trees. In the event that, you face any trouble while ascending, you can employ a pony/horse to arrive at the top.

The start of My Triund Adventure

I began my performance venture at around 5am from Delhi, taking a course by means of Sonipat, Panipat, Ambala, Chandigarh, and Solan. Since I would not like to miss the Parathas of the most acclaimed café, Amrik Sukhdev, I halted my vehicle at Murthal. I ate 3 rich Parathas with a glass of velvety Lassi that was really a heavenly treat as I would prefer buds!

I arrived at Dharamshala by 5pm, and looked for a spot away from the hustle-clamor of the town. In the wake of visiting a few visitor houses and inns, I wound up settling at an inn in Naddi town which was significantly more separated and serene than different spots I had looked. Encased by the town, the lodging offered brilliant perspectives on the mind blowing Dhauladhar Ranges.

On the following day, I chose to go to Bhagsu Nag Temple which is arranged in Mcleodganj. Prior to coming to there, I ran over St. John’s congregation. Without even batting an eye, I left my vehicle and went down to the basilica.

Later I visited Bhagsu Temple, Dalai Lama Temple and Dal Lake. Subsequent to catching a few photographs with my DSLR and getting hypnotized by the smoothness of the calming climate of Dalai Lama Temple, I went to Jimmy’s Bakery for breakfast and Taste Of India for lunch. In the evening, I investigated Tibetan Market, where I did some looking for my loved ones.

On a subsequent day, I began my hotly anticipated trip to Triund from Naddi town at around 9 am. In the wake of gathering data from local people, I previously arrived at Dharamkot covering a distance of 3 km. The journey was magnificent, with sights of beautiful supplication banners, blossoms, mud houses, and high trees. Then, I met not many different adventurers too.

Subsequent to presenting ourselves we headed towards Galu Devi Temple, which fills in as a base for the journey. I remained there for 10 minutes to top off my water bottle and to click a few pictures. One thing that I can’t neglect was the gathering of gifted mountain goats; skilled in light of the fact that they were adjusting themselves incredibly while touching on that precarious mountain!

The most recent one hour of the journey was a trial of my wellness, as I was depleted by the end. I arrived at the highest point of this grand slope by 2 pm which, I believe, was acceptable planning. The look of Triund top was the shade raiser to every one of my assumptions.

It offered harmony to my psyche while splashing endlessly the entirety of my sleepiness. The greatest astonishment that was sitting tight for us was snowfall. I remained for the time being in the camp that was determined to the highest point of Triund slope, and the night sky, with all its shimmering stars, hypnotized me.

Best an ideal opportunity for the Triund journey

Walk to May is considered as the best an ideal opportunity for the Triund journey. In any case, September to December is likewise a happy chance to go. It continues to rain in June and July, however individuals who appreciate the rainstorm can in any case go for the journey.


In the wake of arriving at Triund top, don’t be in a rush! Stay there, and appreciate the magnificent perspectives.

While in transit to Triund, get some energy by pigging out on some solid tidbits and reviving tea or espresso at the bistros there.

In the event that conceivable, stay at Triund top for the night to get the most lovely outdoors experience.

Should convey fundamentals

  • Coats and sweaters
  • Water-safe shoes and an additional pair of socks, skin lotions and sunscreen moisturizer
  • Energy bar and tidbits, water bottle
  • Great camera and a couple of shades
  • Light, journeying shaft
  • Emergency treatment unit and creepy crawly repellent
  • Designated spots of Trek
  • Galu Devi Temple

What more do you need? Evaluate the Triund journey in Dharamshala to make an empowering investigation of the Dhauladhar pinnacles and camp under a ritzy sky to completely loosen up. Be careful the inclination of not having any desire to return!

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