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How to install a UV light in HVAC

Cleaning an HVAC unit is an important task, but even that can sometimes get delayed and cause mold or mildew to grow and spread to the HVAC system. There are a series of UV lights that you can install for prevention.

These UV lights will kill off mold, mildew, and airborne viruses from your HVAC system. Finding these lights is not that difficult. However, You can find UV Light Smyrna GA in any hardware store, or you can ask a professional HVAC technician to install it in your HVAC system.

But, What are HVAC UV Lights?

As mentioned above, HVAC UV Lights are bulbs that radiate UV light, which kills mold, mildew, and other airborne viruses from your HVAC system. In HVAC systems, UV (Ultra-Violet) light is used as a means to sterilize its insides to keep them safe by killing contaminants that may lead to mold and mildew buildup.

How hard is it to install UV Lights in an HVAC System?

All new HVAC systems mostly come with a place already marked where the UV light will go. Some models even come with UV light already installed.

For older systems, you have to work a little to install UV lights. However, the difficulty of installing UV lights depends on the air handler’s location that often contains the evaporator A-coil. Moreover, there is a gas furnace in your home. Therefore, the air handler is usually located at the bottom.


Steps to install UV Light in HVAC System


Step #1. Choosing Where To Install The UV Light

The first step in installing a UV furnace light is finding the best location on your Furnace or the air handler. Heating and Air Conditioning Service Smyrna GA recommend that place. However, it’ll significantly reduce its effectiveness in preventing mold or mildew growth if installed at the wrong site. Hence,

The evaporator coil is also susceptible to the growth of biofilms. They are the communities of microorganisms that stick together on a surface. Nevertheless, it is the place where UV should shine. So try to install light near those locations.

However, Some newer models already have places to install a UV light. See the HVAC system manual for any marked locations available for UV light. However, if you have already had mold growth in your HVAC, there must be a particular corner or area that’s prone to mold.

You should install UV light that shines the most on that problematic mold area. Try not to experiment and choose one spot for your air conditioner that gets the most mold growth for installing UV light.

Step #2. Drill the required Hole (s) for The UV Light

In most cases, you would have to drill a hole to install a UV light. Remember to install all UV light systems in a way that only the UV bulb enters the Hole.



Getting the Measurements:

Before you start, you have to take measurements. For that, first, remove the cover to the Furnace. Now take the UV bulb to the location where you will be installing UV Light Smyrna, GA. This way, you will figure out where to make the Hole and how to fit the light correctly.

While taking measurements, try not to touch the UV light bulb because oils from your skin will reduce the light bulb and damage it.


Drilling the Required Hole:

Some HVAC UV light system or package comes with everything you need to install them. It will include drill bits and a whole bit, of course, without an electric drill.

Most UV lights probably need a hole in the range of 1.5″ to 3″ in diameter for its placement. We recommend buying a Lenox 2.5″ Hole Saw. It’s because it already has a drill bit as part of the Hole saw.

The drill bit will go in first, which helps grab the sheet metal to guide the Hole saw, and then the Hole saw cuts the actual 2.5-inch Hole.

Please remember to turn off the power to the HVAC system before installing a UV light because we know you don’t want an accidental electric shock. If you somehow don’t know how to close it, locate the breaker at the panel box, and flip the switch.


Most air conditioner UV light products come with a paper template for the mounting. Tape the template carefully to the area where you wish to install the UV light. This template will help you cut holes at the proper distance apart (in case there are two bulbs). Start slow as you cut into the metal sheet.

As the Hole makes a minor groove, carefully push the saw into the duct hole you are making. For an effective cut, rock the drill back and forth a couple of times. At any time, Call an expert like Heating and Air Conditioning Service Smyrna GA that will help you in installing UV light. Try to call them before you make a mess.


Step #3. Screw the UV Light securely to the Furnace

The third step is carefully screwing in the UV light to the air handler. UV light should also have some screws for the install. Using a simple Philips screwdriver or a cordless drill can do the trick to secure the UV light to the metal. Here, make sure Screws are not too tight or crack the UV light’s plastic. Unless the installation is complete, DO NOT plug in the UV light. It can burn your skin and damage your eyes.


Step #4. Powering up the Air Conditioner’s UV Light System

With the UV system secured and installed. Next, you will power the air conditioning system on. For that, you will need to plug in the power cord. In the case of new HVAC systems, you will have a 5′ – 7′ long extension.

Another option is to hard-wire the UV light into the Furnace, or you can wire it so that the UV light turns on when the Furnace turns on. After plugging in, see the sight glass to make sure the UV light is on. You can tell if it’s on by a bluish glow in the sight glass.


Step #5. Change & Clean the UV Light Bulb Regularly

Most UV Light Smyrna GA can last about a year or so. First, see the sight glass for a bluish glow to confirm if the light is working. If not, it’s probably time to change. However, it’s recommended to clean the UV bulb after every few months or after every season.

To clean the bulb, turn off the HVAC unit, and take out the bulb. Use a soft lint-free cloth like a microfiber rag for cleaning. For thorough cleaning, use a regular glass cleaning solution.

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