Crazy records of solving different Rubik’s cube


Solving a Rubik’s cube is one of the most exciting sports. Yes, you hear me right! I referred to solving a cube as a sport.  Well! Cubing in many places is referred to as a sport and many world championships are held in order to conduct this sport. 

But, before delving more into the world of cubing as a sport. Let’s learn more about the Rubik’s cube first. 

Designed by Erno Rubik in 1974, Rubik’s cube has been vital in the realm of toys. With a great many advantages and forthcoming variations, Rubik’s cube has made an extraordinary spot for itself in the kids’ world. 

This incredible toy isn’t only a toy however far past it. Made not actually for a child’s play, a Rubik’s cube has incredible importance today. This fascinating and imaginative toy has an extraordinary history and thought behind it that drove it to get outstanding amongst other selling toys ever. 

Rubik’s cube is supposed to be imagined not to play but rather to clarify three-dimensional figures in design. Erno Rubik, the creator of Rubik’s cube was an engineer by calling and he needed to teach his students to comprehend spatial figures in three-dimensional conditions.

And it was then when he thought of the possibility of the Rubik’s block. Strangely, It required nearly 30 days for Erno Rubik to address his own creation.

The Rubik’s cube gathered a lot of acclamation in its time. Even today despite having several variations and a vast cube family, Rubik’s cube still tops the list of being the most popular and evergreen bestseller. 

Now that we have understood the amazing idea behind the Rubik’s cube, let’s check out some of the crazy records of solving different Rubik’s cube

  • The record for solving the cube in the smallest amount of time, that is the person who solved the cube the fastest is a twenty-two-year-old individual named Feliks Zemdegs. He solved the Rubik’s cube in just 4.22 seconds. Exciting, right?
  •  Have you ever seen someone solve Rubik’s cube while juggling? Well! It is definitely a spectacle for the audience. Que Jianya from China, solved three Rubik’s cube while juggling them in just 5 minutes and 6.61 seconds. Isn’t it so cool?
  • If juggling and solving the cube simultaneously wasn’t enough, then Que has solved three cubes simultaneously with both hands and feet as well. And that too in just 1 minute and 39.39 seconds. 
  • Some people just like challenges, don’t they? Que from china has also solved a cube upside down, and that too in just 15.84 seconds. Woah, right?
  • How can one solve a Rubik’s cube if one is unable to see, right? Well! This theory was proved wrong by Shivam Bansal, who solved the most amount of Rubik’s cubes blindfolded. 
  • Apart from the traditional 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 cubes, there are heavily loaded 7x 7 cubes as well, which are extremely difficult and tedious to solve, but Max Park from America solved it in just a mere time of 1 minute and 59.89 seconds. 

All of these masters are just great at solving Rubik’s cube. But that expertise did not come overnight. They practised and did a lot of hard work in order to achieve and conquer such challenges. Hard work and persistence is what made them masters in solving a Rubik’s cube. 

A Rubik’s Cube has plenty of benefits both physically and mentally. A Rubik’s cube can help in improving an individual’s cognitive abilities and also works in improving critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills as well. Moreover, it also helps in improving the dexterity of the mind and agility of fingers as well. 

Apart from them, a Rubik’s cube is also great at eradicating minor addictions such as biting nails and picking a hair, moreover, it has been proficient in decreasing minor anxiety in individuals as well. 

If you feel that Rubik’s cube would be your next favourite hobby, and if you feel inspired by the records put up by the young speedcubers, then you can definitely go ahead and get started on your speedcubing journey.

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Happy cubing!

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