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5 Must-Have Social Networking Apps to Have in the Great Need of Virtual Socializing


Humans cannot leave alone as they are communal species and this is why social networking is always there to keep the loneliness apart. Dues to pandemics the majority of the world population is spending days in isolation, which means in-person socialization is not there right now.

All this has led to the popularity of social networking applications like messenger, Skype, Facebook, Connected, and many more. Traditional applications like Twitter and Insta gram are still there, but there is a flood of new social networking applications as well.

Some of them are too good and others are not even worth considering. Because the world is experiencing isolation and this leads to more socializing. So, there is a huge availability of applications that can leave you in a confused state. Here are the top 5 social networking applications you must have if you cannot stay away from the world.

  1. Skype

Skype is a well-recognized name when it comes to the department of video chatting. You can trust this app because it is existing for a pretty long time now and its performance is also up to the mark. In video conferencing, this app supports the participation of 24 people at once.

If you have a huge family speckled all around the world then you must use Skype to be in touch with all of them at once. You can even text or use voice calling features. It works for platforms like Windows, Alexa, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows 10 mobile. Its size is 151.6 MB and it is free to use.

  1. Discord

This application belongs to the gaming segment; however, it has numerous other things to offer to brighten up your socializing issues. It is a fast communication app that connects people fast. You can join special channels that offer space to the people where they can interact with other communities over video chat, voice calling, and text. Discord has open voice channels that let easy interaction of people.

People from all around the world can join the channel anytime without initiating the call. This app also lets you stream popular games and screen share sessions. No matter you want to interact with different communities or enjoy playing games discord is an app for you. It can be used on platforms like Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows with a size of 103.5MB. It is also free of cost.

  1. FB Messenger

Messenger is an application from Facebook and also very popular among social networking applications.  If you have messenger on your Smartphone then you can use your Facebook login details to use the app and connect with others. This application can be used for chatting, voice, and video calling.

You can also share and see stories of your friends on messenger. You can also build groups and add up to 50 friends and enjoy huge gatherings of your loved ones.  Messenger lets you socialize in a fun way because you can even play games with your friends while video chatting. It can be downloaded on platforms like android and iOS and it is also free to use.

  1. Houseparty

Houseparty got its recognition after the pandemic hit and created the isolation of humans.  If you will see its advertisement it is displayed as a face-to-face socializing app, but it’s a video calling app. The best thing about Houseparty is that it is fast and everything is easily accessible.

If one of your friends opens Houseparty all the others will get a notification and they can too join Houseparty at the moment and enjoy face-to-face chatting with them.

A total of eight people can join the app and all of you can enjoy playing games together.  There are popular games like the PG version of several games, Pictionary style games, word up, and many more. You can get it on platforms like Chrome, macOS, Android, and iOS. Its size is 184.3 MB and is free to download.

  1. Google Duo

Google has offered us 2 amazing applications which are Duo and hangouts.  Hangout is focused on video conferencing for business and duo is focused on social networking. It is a high-quality application and works well with texting and video calling.  You can join up to twelve people and you will have a quality chat with others. You can get it in a platform like Chrome, Android, and iOS with a size 109.9 MB and is free of cost.

These are the 5 best socializing apps that you can download from the Play store and keep on socializing with your loved ones. There are several other social networking apps like Connected India, Instagram, Twitter which are also having several features and the best fit in the category of socializing. COVID 19 has created distance among loved ones, thanks to the social networking apps for eliminating the distance and keeping us closer with our family and friends.


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