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Web Design Trends to Look For in 2022

Integrate the best web design trends in San Antonio in 2022 to engage your target audience and increase your revenue.  Get smarter in digital marketing and out-compete your competitors using the trends in web design that are sure to convert your users into loyal paying customers.

Web design is not only focused on boosting the aesthetic appeal of a website.  It also aims to improve the functionality of a website to be able to provide the eBay user experience.  It focuses on how to make users move down the funnel to do the necessary action.

What are the web design trends in 2022 that you should include in your web design strategy?

Web Design Trends for 2022 That Will Boost User Experience

1. Humorous Mini-Sites

Capture the heart of your target audience with a website that provokes a laugh.  Laughter is truly the best medicine for all of life’s woes and when you are able to provide both information and delight to your users, you can make them stay on your site.

2. App-like Experiences

Provide an experienced-focused site where your visitors have app-like experiences to keep them engaged and interested.  This is one of the web design trends that make your website provide a unique and lasting experience to its users.

3. Minimalist and One-Page

Simplicity is beauty.  Imagine how a website that provides all the needed information just on one page can make a customer stay because all that one is looking for is right before their eyes.  This is accomplished by creating a site with simple scroll navigation as opposed to navigating through menus.

4. Appealing a Strong Sense of Place

A website that can provide the look and feel of being in the place that it is highlighting can make its audience stay.  Use captivating imagery and videos that highlight the locality and the natural surroundings where you live.  Creating a website with a strong sense of place can easily bring your visitors into your world.

5. Art Deco Motifs

A simple and easy way to captivate your target audience is to incorporate art deco motifs with geometric designs on your website.  You can be creative in using the elements of the modern and natural worlds like lines and patterns.

6. Fewer Images

When you place a lot of imagery on your pages, your users can be distracted because there is a lot going on in their minds.  Choose images that directly speak your voice and talk about your message.  Use only images that directly speak of your unique brand identity.

7. Oversized Typography

When you want to emphasize something on your site, use oversized typography to say it loud and clear for your audience to hear and understand.  This is another minimalistic approach to web design that can make your users want to see more.

8. Interactive Fonts

Another web design trend in San Antonio that you can use is making the text on your web page move when the mouse is moved.  Be careful how you carry this out so that it will be more exciting and interactive rather than distracting.

9. Responsible Motion Design

When using animation in web design, you can responsibly use motion subtly to encourage interactivity and engagement.  Avoid motion elements that can create confusion and distraction.

10. Collage Illustration

Create more white space when you incorporate collage illustrations.  Choose the right images, fonts, and colors that will complement your overall web design.

11. Abstract Illustrations

Provide a sophisticated look that will leave your users wanting and asking for more.  Abstract illustrations can provide a natural feel to your web design.  Use appealing colors that speak to the voice of your brand.

12. More Glassmorphism

When you want transparency, movement, and blur, all together on your website, you will be able to make elements on a web page look and behave like glass when seen.  It’s a modern web design trend that you can use for logos and illustrations on your site.

13. Gender-Neutral Design

A standard in web design trends is creating a website that has a gender-neutral design.  This design trend shows that you embrace the values of inclusivity and universality.  Your website will be viewed globally so designing it to be gender-neutral will show that you respect every visitor to your site.  

Use these web design trends in San Antonio to design a website that will boost user experience and improve user engagement on your website.  Be creative, innovative, and simple in creating a website that is both diverting and exciting with these web design trends to look for in 2022.

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