What is power surge?

Power surge meaning

Power surge meaning

A power surge often happens when the wall outlet’s voltage surpasses 169. The voltage in wall outlets, which is typically 120 volts AC, can change. An unexpected rise in voltage is the simplest definition of a power surge. Even your home’s electronic devices could be harmed or destroyed by strong power surges. You should invest in whole-home surge protection or power strip surge protectors to avoid power surges because they can manage more voltage variations than strip surge protectors can. No amount of safety measures, however, can shield your house from a lightning strike or stop a power surge. So be mindful to unplug any electronics if you know a lightning storm is coming your way.

power surge

What may trigger a surge of power?

The electric company changed the power grids

A problem occurs with transmission lines or transformers.


fallen power lines

Activating devices (refrigerators or microwaves)

Lights can flicker due to internal oscillations

You may first only notice internal changes, but soon you will realise the severe damage that a power surge can do, such as issues with wiring and appliances.

What distinguishes a power surge from an outage of electricity?

A power outage, to put it simply, is a loss of electricity, whereas a power surge raises the voltage. Electronics or appliances may momentarily switch on and off as a result of a power spike. During a power outage, appliances and devices may also shut off, but most likely for a long time. Your power supply is typically the source of a power outage6.

What causes power outages most frequently?

Storms are typically the most frequent source of power spikes and outages. However, a number of factors, including fires, trees, car accidents, earthquakes, animals, lightning, excavation work, and high-power consumption, can cause outages. A power outage should be reported to your neighbourhood utility company7.

How do you recognise a power surge?

Equipment in your home may be harmed by power spikes. They might in some circumstances be regarded as a veiled threat. So how can you recognise a power surge when it happens? The truth is that a power surge may not always be apparent until after it has caused damage. Most of the time, you cannot stop a power surge from happening, but you can be alert for some indicators. Take steps to assist secure your house if you detect any of the following indicators.

A sudden power outage or reset

Failing or damaged electrical apparatus

Circuit breakers that trip

Who is liable for harm caused by power surges?

Electrical appliances can be harmed by power spikes. The quality of the item may eventually deteriorate if power surges happen regularly. However, electrical fires, which can cause significant damage, are extremely rare to be brought on by power surges. Power surge damage may occasionally be covered by homeowners’ insurance, but most of the time, the homeowner is responsible for internal damages.

What should you do follow a power surge?

If a power spike occurs and you have the chance to recognise it, you should not dismiss the issue. In some circumstances, you might be able to determine the problem right away. For instance, it might be clear what went wrong if a power surge occurred after you just plugged in a power-hungry equipment. If you are unsure of the cause, you should disconnect and reset any appliances and equipment. You can reset the circuit breaker after unplugging them. After that, examine your house for any damage. Verify the functionality of all of your equipment and devices.

Methods for Preventing Power Surges.

placing a whole-house surge protector in place

A whole-house surge protector, which controls the flow of electricity by blocking it or shorting it to ground, primarily guards all of your home’s electronics against voltage spikes. In your electric box, it is frequently installed.

A Whole-House Surge Protector installation takes two hours and requires the assistance of a skilled electrician.

Installing a whole-house surge protector helps to avoid problems like the incidence of burnt circuit boards on extremely delicate electronic home appliances, mini-bursts of excessive energy from gadgets requiring on/off cycles, and overvoltage from downed utility lines and buildings.

Improvements to Your AC Unit

Small power surges have the potential to harm your AC’s internal circuitry. Although minor surges are subtle and cumulative, it only slightly perturbs the electrical grid of your AC unit. The AC units here frequently shut off throughout the day. A power surge is more likely to occur when ageing AC units stop producing electricity.

Additionally, you must replace your outdated air conditioning equipment with the most energy-efficient options now on the market. When your air conditioner abruptly stops using power and starts using less power, it eliminates power surges.

However, if you have air conditioners or heat pumps, you can also install HVAC Surge Protector.

Device Unplugging During a Thunderstorm

An electrical charge is rapidly discharged between a cloud and the earth during a lightning strike, which is accompanied by a powerful storm. Most lightning strikes take place inside the clouds.

Lightning strikes cause death and are never forgiven. Although more recently, in the last 10 years (2009-2018), the U.S. has averaged only 27 lightning fatalities, the average number of deaths caused by lightning in the country is still 51 every year.

You should disconnect any electronic equipment, especially those with heavy electronic loads, before a thunderstorm to avoid power spikes brought on by lightning strikes. If your electronics are disconnected solely during the storm, it could result in a first-hand power surge.

Verifying Your Wiring

The damaged and defective wires might also result in power surges. The likelihood of a surge that damages the outlet, for example, is increased when damaged wires produce little resistance and disturb the current flow.

Your top goal should always be to maintain the wiring in your home.

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