Canelo fight time Will Fight On US Time In Vegas

Canelo fight time Will Fight On US Time In Vegas

If you’re looking forward to catch the Canelo fight on Saturday night, then you’ll have to stay up a little extra for it. The main card of thecanelo fight time place at around 2:30am BST in Las Vegas, and therefore UK fight fans will be waking up early. But don’t worry – the fight times are being pushed back so that UK time viewers won’t miss out!


If you’re anywhere near a computer or television on September 14th, you’ll be able to tune in to watch the highly anticipated bout between Saul “Canelo fight time” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. The fight will take place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena, but some fans may find it difficult to follow the action due to time difference.

This article will outline how to watch the fight on US time, so that even those living outside of Nevada can join in on the excitement.

How To Watch The Canelo vs. GGG Fight On US Time

The main way to watch the fight on US time is through online streaming services such as HBO GO, Showtime Boxing, and DAZN. These services will have live coverage of the event starting at around 10pm EST, which should give most people enough time to get ready for bed. If you’re unable to get online or want to follow the fight from a different location, there are also several terrestrial stations that will air the fight live. These include NBC, CBS, and Fox Sports 1.

How the Time Zone Works

The fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will be taking place on US time in Vegas. This has caused some controversy because some people do not like change.

However, the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) has made it clear that the bout will be taking place on US time. In a statement released by the NAC, it was stated that “Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin is scheduled to take place at 1:00 PM PDT on May 6, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The canelo fight time will be televised live on HBO Pay-Per-View.”

The NAC added that “the bout will also be contested under United States of America time with the start time set for 10:00 PM PDT.” This means that the fighters will have to wake up earlier in order to make their 9:00AM PDT weigh-in.

This decision was made in order to try and make the fight as fair as possible for both fighters. It is understandable that some people are upset about this, but hopefully they can all get behind the fight once it happens.

When Canelo fight time will Take Place on US time?

The Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is set to headline the PPV card on May 5th, with Amir Khan as the challenger. The bout is being billed as a world title eliminator, with both men looking to unify their respective middleweight and welterweight titles. However, because it’s taking place in Vegas, Nevada – one hour behind Eastern Standard Time (EST) – many viewers are wondering if the fight will actually be aired live in its entirety on US television.

According to recent reports, Golden Boy Promotions and Alvarez’s team are currently negotiating a deal which would have the fight air live on Showtime PPV and HBO in Mexico. However, due to differences over how much advertising should be given to each network and how much airtime each should receive, an agreement has yet to be reached. This could lead to a number of fans not being able to see their favourite fighter take on Khan live from Las Vegas.


It has been announced that the rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will take place on US time, rather than Mexican time. This decision was made in order to make sure that all of GGG’s fans who reside in the United States can watch the canelo fight time live. Many people were disappointed when it was announced that the first fight would take place on Mexican time, as it meant viewers in America had to wait an extra two months for the rematch. However, with this new announcement it seems that everyone will get to see what is sure to be a exciting and action-packed encounter.

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