Ten Types of Hats That You Need to Know

Hats are essential items in our daily life. However, there appear to be many hats on the market to choose from, and it isn’t easy to decide which one is your favorite. So we give you a list in this article to discuss some of the most popular hats nowadays and hope you can select the one that will capture your heart and needs.

Popular Types of Hats for 2022

1. Trucker Hats

With its origins as a trucker hat, this style evolved from an advertising item to a fashion icon. These are like baseball caps but have a mesh back. Celebrities like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Post Malone and others join the “trucker hat trend”. It’s no surprise that people wanted to buy bulk hats with this design due to its popularity.

2. Visors

Golfers, volleyball players, and tennis players enjoy wearing this hat style. Visors are hats with only a portion that supports the front, giving only shade to your eyes and no head covering. It is also more convenient and lightweight, so sports enthusiasts prefer to use it during games.

3. Beanies

Beanies are a popular choice for both adults and children. It is the type that completely covers your head and is usually knitted, making it ideal for the chilly weather. It grabs your entire head, containing your heat when cold weather strikes. You can also get this with a seam, knitted, leather, or a cute pom-pom on top.

4. Baseball Caps

Another fashionable hat that you should keep in your wardrobe is a baseball cap. The champion baseball team Dodgers also contributes to its popularity. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear, and you might as well have one.

5. Top Hats

Top hats were popular among elite men during the 1800s. You may recall Willy Wonka wearing this type of hat in the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” This cover for the head is no longer just for the upper classes; anyone can wear it wherever and whenever they want.

6. Cloche Hats

Queen Elizabeth’s death will be remembered for many years, particularly for her fashion sense. Cloche Hats are frequently seen on the queen and other French ladies. This style has a cute bell shape that fits comfortably on your head. Furthermore, “Cloche” is a French word for “bell.” This one is also adorable, iconic, and elegant to wear.

7. Cowboy Hats

A hearty yap for the cowboy hat! Who wouldn’t recognize this rodeo staple when they see one? Although the primary purpose of this hat is to complete the iconic look of a cowboy, it is also a good fashion accessory, as seen frequently on runways. Its popularity is not limited to farms and barns alone. As a result, expect it even on your neighborhood streets.

 8. Army Hats

Army hats are a standard part of the training uniform. However, as fashion evolves, this type changes its pattern and color while adhering to the original hat’s design. However, it is more prevalent among people passionate about street style. This is also visible in casual wear.

9. Bucket Hats

This hat style was invented in Ireland during the 1900s and is making a remarkable comeback to become a good trend. Its loose-fitting style appeals to teenagers and children looking for a fashionable wearable. It’s cute and stylish and can be a great addition to your casual clothing.

10. Hard Hats

Hard hats are essential head coverings in many industries, such as construction, mining, shipping, and infrastructure. This type’s features are similar to helmets, but its material is hard plastic. This kind pairs with a safety vest, and you often see this one on hazardous sites or workplaces.


These hats serve different functions, such as fashion or safety. Knowing these things is also necessary to ensure that this wearable is more than just a head covering. And you can choose the perfect hats for your needs. Thanks for reading!


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