5 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company for Your Needs

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company for Your Needs

It’s not always possible to drive a car to another location. Whether it’s because you need to drive another vehicle yourself or are making a big move, you don’t have the resources to drive multiple vehicles. That’s where car shipping companies help.

But you have many options if you want to ship your car. There are close to 5,000 companies that offer the service.

You don’t want an accident to happen on the road that damages your car, so finding the best car shipping company is critical. Remember the five tips below when you search for a car shipping company.

  1. Use Registered Companies

You can’t claim to be a car transport company and start offering a service from day one. You’re moving heavy objects long distances, which means there are many opportunities for accidents to happen.

The government wants to verify that a car shipping company is legitimate and has the experience to do the work. See if your car shipping options have the proper certification to transport vehicles.

The registration you need will also depend on where you ship your car. Shipping car to another state, for instance, requires a federal registration you wouldn’t need if you were shipping within the same state.

  1. Verify Insurance Information

You’re shipping an expensive object when shipping a car to a new location. Even if you work with experienced drivers with great equipment, accidents can still happen on the road.

The question is, will a car shipping company take responsibility when this happens? If they have insurance, they probably will. Verify the insurance information for a shipping company before you sign up to use it.

  1. Learn About the Services

Auto transport companies offer more services than basic shipping. Some companies offer to include them in their price, while others will require you to pay extra. Here are some common services you can get:

  • Digital tracking
  • Door-to-door service
  • Delivery speed

Some companies can offer features out of the ordinary, so be sure to check into everything a company offers.

  1. Get Quotes

It’s not cheap to ship a car. You can pay a hefty sum to hire a reputable car shipping company, even if you’re going short distances. That leads many people to shop for the lowest price possible.

While it’s wise to shop around for quotes, try to avoid going for the cheapest option. Be sure the company you hire is known for excellent service and offers great value for the money it charges.

  1. Find Customer Feedback

It’s not hard to find customer feedback these days. One search on Google will show you the local car shipping companies and what people think of the service.

Check as many reviews as possible to learn which companies in your area offer excellent service. This will help you filter your choices and increase your chance of hiring the best car shipping companies.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best Car Shipping Company

The last thing you want to happen during a move is to arrive at your new home only to find your car damaged and not working. It takes the right equipment and skill to move cars, so you don’t want to work with an inexperienced car shipping company.

Luckily, there are ways you can vet car shipping companies to determine if they can handle the job. Use the tips above to find the best car shipping company for the job.

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