Kheerganga-Where the mountains meet the moon


In the homestead of Himachal Pradesh, lies a wonderful spot called Kheerganga (3500m) at the limit end of Sylvan Hills’ Parvati Valley, where it is trusted Lord Shiva pondered for millennia. The lavish greenery of the mountains, the rich River Parvati, and beautiful skies are without a doubt a much-anticipated joy to a traveler’s eyes and soul.

The spot has a strict importance for both Hindu and Sikh explorers. Arranged 22 km away from Manikaran, Kheerganga trek is famous for its high temp water spring in any event, during substantial snowfall and washing in it is an encounter you will value. While traveling, the path discloses famous vacationer locations in transit like Rudra Nag Waterfall and Shiv Temple. You should go on for the Kasol – Kheerganga journey to enjoy harmony in the relieving sights of the incomparable Himalayas. 

How ‘Kheerganga’ came to be called so

A couple accepts that it was the child of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya, who came here in the wake of losing a rush to his sibling Ganesha. He stayed in a ‘Samadhi'(meditation) for millennia. It was Lord Shiva who attempted to entice his child by channelizing a surge of Kheer (rice pudding) to bring him back. The real importance of the word Kheerganga is ‘smooth white consecrated water’.

A Trek to Kheerganga

Right around three years back, when I went to Kasol with a gathering of my beloved companions, I found out about Kheerganga from individuals who were returning from the journey.

They disclosed to us that in spite of its conspicuous difficulties, the trip was a mind-blowing experience that would make for a long period of recollections. From that point forward, Kheerganga had been on my rundown of spots to go, till the chance at last introduced itself.

A month ago, I chose to go for the trip, and after my pressing, I went to Shivaji Stadium from where I should board a rhythm explorer transport at 10 pm.

I wore my earphones serenely, turned on the music, and settled back. We took a refueling break at Murthal for supper, where I appreciated Pyaaz Parathe with pickle and curd, at that point, we set out toward the street once more. This was interestingly I was voyaging solo, so my over-fervor barely let me rest on the transport.

The morning began with dazzling dawn that I appreciated from a neighborhood Dhaba where we savored tea and sandwiches. In the wake of the uneven way of Manikaran and Kasol street, the transport dropped me at the Kasol Bus Stop at around 2 pm.

I met a couple of others at the bus station who were wanting to journey to Kheerganga at 2pm. As opposed to saying yes to them, I chose to discover an inn for a night stay in Kasol as I needed to be totally refreshed for the excursion. In the wake of unwinding for 2 hours,

I went for a walk to Kasol Street that is likewise alluded to as Mini Israel, as a result of the numerous Hebrew recorded billboards and an assortment of delectable Israeli dishes that are being served in the eateries and bistros.

The following day, I began my undertaking at 6 am in the wake of snatching some toast from the inn’s café. I initially visited a close by sanctuary where I met my guide, who had 8 years of involvement with journeying. We set our objective to arrive at Kheerganga by early afternoon.

From the sanctuary, we moved to Barsaini, the headquarters, which is likewise the intermingling point of the Parvati and Tosh Rivers. On our way to the top, we strolled through the glorious scene alongside a marvelous sight of nature. We passed a couple of wooden scaffolds, interesting landscapes, and elusive bends.

I caught a few entrancing perspectives on the sky, cascades, and birds in my camera. We arrived at Rudra Nag Waterfall at 10am, where we remained for 15 minutes to respect the excellence of the slopes.

Journeying from Kasol to Kheerganga

We likewise came through towns Kalga and Pulga, where local people sang a couple of Himachali society tunes for us, and that second was genuinely heavenly!

They informed me about their way of life and local people offered me a customary dessert of Himachal, Martha, which is set up with rice, jaggery, raisins, and dry organic products. Further on, the course got superb, with sights of sanctuaries, streaming water streams, blossoms, mud houses, and high trees.

We arrived at the green glade of Kheerganga beat on schedule! I took an invigorating dunk in the natural aquifer that washed off the entirety of my sleepiness and leg torment from the excursion. That day, I chose to go through a night in the camp. To commend the accomplishment of journeying, a huge fire was orchestrated in our all-around evening time.

Playing a card game, Antakshri and moving set the tone straight for the evening. That was another restless night as individuals were caught up with collaborating and imparting their encounters to one another.

Journeying in Kheerganga

I had a rest for around 2 hours and I woke up to the cold morning breeze with an astonishing perspective on the dawn and flying birds. Subsequent to eating, I went to take another dunk in the hot water spring. We began the trip back to Barsaini after breakfast at 11:30 is which took us 3 and a half hours, and afterward, we got back to Kasol, which is only 3 km away.

Things to Carry



Journeying shoes and traveling post

Mosquito repellent

Comfortable garments

Medical aid pack

Kheerganga Trek Highlights

Length: 1 Nights 2 days

Greatest height: 3050 m

Delhi to Kasol: 520 km

Kasol to Barsaini: 40 km

Barsaini to Kheerganga: 12 km

Absorb the reviving pith of Pin Parvati valley as you investigate the stunning perspectives on Kheerganga, setting out from Kasol. Loosen up and unwind in the arms of nature.

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