Tips to Find Clothing Wholesaler for Your Clothing Business

In the clothing business, wholesaler plays a role as a medium between manufacturer and retailers. You should know how to find a wholesaler to furnish your clothing stock in the UK.

Wholesalers serve retailers by supplying them with products from manufacturers. The Clothing Wholesaler performs the following functions for your business:

  • Connects retailers with the manufacturer
  • Affordable prices
  • Serves in a particular area
  • Trustworthy and co-operative

Before you find the wholesaler to work with you need to decide what products are you dealing with. When you will come to know your niche then will start searching to find out an ideal wholesaler for your business.

Awareness of Distribution Channels

There are many ways by following which products are supplied from manufacturers to retailers. You should know that all wholesalers don’t serve in the same market. You will have to understand your industry distributional channel and this will help you to find the right wholesaler for your business. The clothing products are sent to retailers through these channels.


Sometimes manufacturers play the role of wholesalers and serve the retailers directly. Some products are supplied directly from the manufacturers to retailers.

Exclusive Distributor

A company can provide products to any area on its behalf. Some companies sell directly to retailers. Other sell to local owners to supply to stores.

Regional Distributor

Regional distributors often take deliveries of box-car-sized lots and send them to local wholesalers who further sell to small businesses and stores.


These persons carry deliveries from manufacturers and send them to the local grocers and mortar stores.

These are sources to send UK clothes wholesale products from manufacturers to retailers.

Try to Deal with a Manufacturer First

If you want to cut down your expenses and increase your profit you can deal with a manufacturer directly to remove the middleman from the equation. Suppose you are selling branded products then it is good to deal with a manufacturer directly. In this way, you can get products at minimum discounts. If you are too small to deal with them or they want you to get through established distributional channels. Then you tell them to provide you the list of distributors to contact with.

In this way, you go through a few people to lower your cost allowing you to be more productive in the marketplace.

Moreover, you approach a manufacturer and ask for a sample of the product you want to sell. Thus, you can look over the product in minute detail and check the quality to make sure that is the product you want to sell. Any wholesale clothing store online will serve you the best in this respect.

Productive First Approach a Wholesale Supplier

You start contacting wholesale distributors in the UK, either using to list you took from the manufacturer, phonebook, listing, or a wholesale directory. You should have information about the least order requirements, their wholesale unit prices, the particular area of service.

You can initially contact them by phone or email. Then use the same way if you need further information about it or you like to move forward. If you are in search of finding an ideal match for your business then you should be honest in your search and don’t try to exceed the limits. Don’t hesitate to search and looking forward to other competitors. By following this way, you will get better prices. Through you are starting from the small.

Follow Online Search

While doing online searches need not search for general wholesalers or distributors. You can search by putting keywords from your products. You can also make use of product names, model numbers, and brands to find out fashion clothing wholesale platforms in the UK. If any potential distributors you find don’t have an email address or phone number then you can do WHOIS to find the desired detail.

The more potential will be your wholesaler then the better you will make a comparison to get normal prices and cheap quotes.

Search for Wholesale Lots on eBay

This platform targets retail customers and it is suitable for those who give low-volume orders to update their s stock. If you are just beginning then this platform is good to dip your toes into e-commerce.

Attend Trade Shows

This is one of the reliable ways to find out wholesalers. These trade shows will help to build and grow your business. These shows are arranged for retailers to contract manufacturers and distributors. In this way, you can approach dozens of wholesalers or manufacturers daily.

Thus, retailers can have face-to-face conversations with wholesalers helps them to avoid misunderstandings and communication problems that retailers face while connecting online. Hence you can find wholesale fashion clothing suppliers by following this point.

You can also follow the Trade Shows News Network that is considered one of the largest directories of these trade shows online.

Follow Trade Publications

Trade magazines are a great source of information about the business and clothing industry. Every advertiser in such magazines is either a product manufacturer or a distributor looking forward to getting at you. In this way, you can get the name of small manufacturers or distributors.

Subscription of Newsletters and Blogs

If you subscribe to online newsletters and blogs to get daily or weekly news and updates about the fashion and clothing industry.

Quality Scale

Along with these ways and tips, you can judge the wholesalers through their quality scales. While dealing with clothing you can ignore the quality aspect. When you choose a wholesaler then you should compare and contrast its products to other clothing wholesalers and then decide to deal with it. You can approach clothes wholesalers in manchester to find the best one regarding quality.

Follow B2B MarketPlaces

If you follow the B2B marketplace online where you can find lots of products at wholesale rate. is one of the biggest wholesale marketplaces of manufacturers, importers, and distributors in the UK.

Follow Other Platforms and Networks

You can approach experienced small business owners to get information about wholesalers. Moreover, some retailers won’t like to share information with competitors. Here you need to invest time in networking to build trust and strong relations to find the ideal wholesaler for your small business in the UK.

The End

These are the authentic ways to find out wholesalers for your store. You can also deal with clothing wholesalers London will serve you in the same way.

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