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 Architectural Design Trend: Smart Home Technology

Modern times call for modern architectural design. Now more than ever we are seeing architectural design trends that integrate smart home technology. Look no further for the ins and outs of our top five smart technology trends integrated into the design and architecture of modern homes. 

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Our first smart home technology architectural design trend is automation. As a way to make life a little easier in your space, automation is becoming a must-have for modern living. There is an ease in app-driven homes. Connect your comfort with technology with automated blinds, security, audio, and even kitchen appliances. Homes with these features built into the architectural design deliver an elevated living experience that is trending in 2022.


Human Centric Lighting

Aside from voice-controlled or automated lighting, the newest smart home technology trend in architecture is human-centric lighting. Considered a wellness factor by many for a cure to seasonal depression, this lighting style is automated to feel more like natural sunlight in your living space. Mimicking the sun’s path from morning to night, these advanced lighting systems also reduce harmful blue light in the evenings to benefit sleep.

Self-Thinking Home Office

Modern times offer a need for an architecturally stunning office space that delivers smart home features. It’s now common for builders to include multifunctional charging stations in home offices, smart lighting (like mentioned above), blind systems, and even built-in adjustable desks that allow you to stand or sit while working. Having an office that works for you makes your nine-to-five a little less painful when you’re getting the job done from home.

Smart Appliances

Enjoy easier daily living in your home with this next trend in smart home architecture. Think of a stove that won’t allow you to burn a single dish or a shower that knows the exact temperature you adore during your morning routine. Smart appliances are being added to modern homes all across the country to make our lives a little more seamless without requiring any extra effort.


Advanced Security


Whether home security is important to you for your endless stream of packages being left by the front door, ensuring your children are safe and sound at home, or your property is safe from damage; home security is a must-have addition to any architectural smart home design. Including advanced security with professional monitoring and the ability to check in on things from anywhere is essential.


We hope you’ve found these top five smart home technology architecture trends enlightening. Modern living is integrated into each aspect of our lives to make things seamless and streamlined, and new architecture is no exception to this concept.

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