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What Are the Different Types of Drilling Methods?

What Are the Different Types of Drilling Methods?

It is no surprise that drilling methods have developed over time. The drilling industry began in 1857 with the invention of the oil well drill, which mobilized the oil and gas industry.

In truth, the industry has since innovated and is used at almost every deep excavation site. A drilling method is used for every deep hole in the ground. Without the various types of drilling methods, the deep excavation industry would be far less prosperous.

There are various types of drilling methods for various purposes and for various depths. Read on to learn about the different types of drilling methods that have pushed the industry forward over the past century.

Hand Drilling Methods

Hand drilling methods are used to drill holes by hand without the use of power tools. This can be done with a variety of drilling equipment, such as a hand drill, brace and bit, or auger.

The first step is to mark the center of the hole to be drilled. The next step is to start the hole by drilling a small pilot hole. Then, the drill bit is slowly increased in size to the desired diameter. The final step is to finish the hole by drilling to the required depth.

Percussive Drilling Methods

Percussive drilling is a drilling method in which a fast-moving drill bit is repeatedly brought into contact with the rock face. The resulting shock waves break up the rock.

This allows the bit to penetrate further with each stroke. Percussive drilling is an effective way to drill through hard rock and is often used in applications where other drilling methods would be too slow or too expensive.

Tapping Drilling Methods

A tap is a cutting tool used to create internal threads in a blind hole. Drilling a hole with a tap is a common method for creating internal threads. A drill bit is first used to create a pilot hole, then a tap is used to cut the internal threads.

Tapping drills are specially designed to drill bits that are used to create the pilot hole for the tap. Tapping methods can be classified as hand methods, machine methods, or a combination of both.

Rotary Drilling Methods

Rotary drilling methods are a type of drilling technique where a rotary drill is used to bore holes into the earth. This type of drilling is often used for large-scale projects, such as when drilling for oil and gas.

Rotary drilling methods are also used for water wells, geothermal wells, and other types of large-scale drilling projects.

Directional Drilling Methods

Directional drilling is a very precise process, and it is often necessary to use underground magnetic locators in order to determine the exact location of the target.

Underground magnetics are devices that use the Earth’s magnetic field to locate underground targets. These devices are often used in conjunction with other types of equipment, such as GPS, in order to ensure that the target is reached.

There are three main types of directional drilling methods: mud rotary, air rotary, and coil tubing.

Digging up the Different Types of Drilling

There are many different types of drilling methods available to choose from, depending on your needs. Each has its own use, and each has its own benefits.

If you are unsure of what type of drilling method would be best for your project, consult with a professional to get started.

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