7 Must Have Nutrients in Children Diet

There is an undying association between food and health and children’s health is no exception to this. Eating alone isn’t enough but eating right is the key to improving your health. Food and nutrition play an important role in determining your risk of diseases.

Not eating properly can make your child malnourished as well as it can also weaken the immune system that makes them fall sick again and again. No matter at which age your child is, make sure you are feeding him properly.

Essential Nutrients in Children’s Diet

My cousin’s daughter used to fall sick again and again and after visiting many doctors they took her to multiple healthcare facilities. Later, she was diagnosed with severe anaemia. The baby child was then treated at MH Rawalpindi and then after months of treatment, she finally got better.

Here are the top 7 foods that can help to keep your children healthy.

1- Whole grains

Nutrition coming from whole grains forms our major food group known as carbohydrates. Other than carbohydrates, whole grains also provide us with good fibre content. All these nutritional benefits of whole grains give us sufficient reason to add whole grains to children’s diet. Make sure you limit your child’s consumption of complex carbs and replace it with simple carbs that are harder to digest and keep your children healthy.

2- Eggs

Eggs are a rich source of good quality protein that doesn’t affect our cholesterol level. Proteins and other nutrients present in eggs ensure that your kids are staying healthy and focusing. Other than proteins, eggs are rich in vitamins that play a key role in childhood brain development. Make sure your child is eating eggs and make sure you make them part of their breakfast.

3- Milk

Though most of a child’s nutrition comes from milk that is considered as the complete food for children. Milk and its nutrients play a key role in the development of bones. Milk is a rich source of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus etc. While giving milk to the children make sure you are giving them low-fat milk to avoid any negative effects on health.

4- Yoghurt

Yoghurt, a dairy product, also plays a crucial role in children’s health. Yoghurt is a good source of probiotics that is essentially required for the efficient working of your immune system. Dairy products contain a good amount of calcium, vitamin D and good quality protein that also plays a role in the development of children’s health. You can give yoghurt for breakfast or can even make yoghurt a snack.

5- Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich sources of important minerals that our body requires to function well. These nuts and foods are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and provide many other nutrients that play a role in childhood development. You can ask your children to snack on these nuts and seeds and can even prepare a crushed mixture of these to make it easy for consumption.

6- Vegetables

No matter how ordinary it sounds, the inclusion of vegetables in your child’s diet is the best dietary change you can make. The vegetable is rich in good nutrients and can help to keep them healthy. Other than that, eating vegetables is important for your children’s immunity. Some of the vegetables your children should consume include bell pepper, cabbage, potato, leafy greens, etc. A tip shared by a renowned paediatrician at Bilal Hospital in Rawalpindi said that you can make your children eat the vegetables by ensuring their participation in the vegetable growing and cooking process.

7- Fish

Animal meat is a good source of plant-based proteins. The consumption of fish meat is known to be effective for the growth and development of children. Fish provide a good source of protein, vitamins and healthy fatty acids that can improve your children’s health significantly.

Bottom Line!

Children’s health greatly depends upon food and nutrition. Consumption of certain nutrients and minerals is known to improve the overall health of children. Make sure your child is consuming sufficient nutrients that can help to improve their health. If your child is a picky eater and you are having a hard time making them eat properly, you can seek out help from the physician.

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