Technological Advancements that can help you rest better

Technological Advancements that can help you rest better

Technology is at our disposable today. We can have convenience at our doorstep and an easier life makes us more productive. Various innovations have resulted in the automation of different routine tasks and solved the problem of remembering things.


It has created revolution in different industries and defined the new prospects for a technologically advanced future. Few innovations have changed the way we see our present and future like:


  1. Smartphones: Smartphones have shrunk the use of computers and compacted the world in our palm. The hi-tech cameras, internet access and almost everything converted into an app which as a human you would like to keep in your pocket. Apps to make notes, message, transfer money or storing digital cash have given us freedom to be independent. Rakesh, who is looking for the best t liners says that it has made time consuming processes to be done in just a click.
  2. Cloud computing: As in earlier times we used to store data in floppy, CDs, hard drives and once they got corrupt we would have lost whole stored data. Cloud computing provides storage space on the internet and protects data from being lost. It can be accessed through the internet. It has a variety of features like storage, printing options, servers, databases, downloading etc.
  3. Artificial intelligence: It is a combination of human intelligence and the power of machines. It is used in telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and much more. The basic idea behind this revolutionary technology is to assist humans in intellectual tasks which are monotonous and routine. It gives them the freedom to utilize their time for other important activities. Ramesh who sells no tank toilets shares that self-driven cars, smart assistants, robots, disease mapping etc are some of the examples of artificial intelligence present in our life.
  4. Global Positioning System: It is also known as GPS originally owned by the US. It has helped in easing out the navigation and positioning process. It is done with the help of satellites. With the help of it you can reach any place through directions. You can use it on your smartphone or laptop. It is used in different sectors currently: healthcare, military, aviation, science, surveying, agriculture, telecommunications, and financial services etc. It gives up to 10 meter indoor accuracy and 1 meter outdoor accuracy. Raghav who is interested in online poetry class says

    that there are thirty one GPS satellites which are known till now.

  5. Remote everything: The technology through which we are allowed to work from home or work remotely or can access anything from a remote location is an advanced version of it. The global connectivity and industrial digitization has led to digital reach a success. It has disrupted the physical presence and influenced the digital presence to complete tasks like consulting, financial activities, teaching, socializing, sending instructions and messages etc. The processing of data is so fast that extracting information out of it is a matter of seconds.
  6. Digital contact tracing: Based on tracking systems which use bluetooth, GPS or QR codes to track the movement and notify its position. Mayank, who is searching for the best ice fishing reel says that it was very useful during the first stage of COVID-19 to track the infected people. It helped in controlling the spread to a great extent. It is also helpful in case management. It has different tools which make it a success like monitoring tools, proximity tools and reporting tools. It helps to give comprehensive history on mobile devices and identify potential unknown contacts.
  7. The Human Genome Project: It is a collaborative research program which is taken over by experts around the world. It is an advanced technology to study the genes of human beings in detail. It creates a sequence of genes, identifies some stated factors to know the causes of diseases. It helps to map the chromosomes of the genes. Together all genes are known as genomes. It got its rough structure in 2000 and finally made success in 2003. It was conducted under an allocated budget for the project. Due to mutations, it is expected there can be a change expected in the human genome and on that note the extensive research is continued.
  8. Quantum computing: If we talk in simpler terms it helps to calculate complex calculations with different variables at the same time. The idea came into picture forty years ago but only recently it got its due recognition. It is expected that it will take over other technologies by 2030 and will impact human life beyond comparison and imagination. IBM is considered a leader in implementing technology and owning a quantum computer by 2016.
  9. Digital Money: You know the hassles of carrying paper currency and the bulkiness of wallet in your pockets. Digital cash is paperless money stored in our digital wallets and is instant to use. These wallets can be connected to bank accounts as well to load digital cash in it. They allow encrypted transactions and security is their prime concern. These are the best companions for smartphones. It is one of my favorite features of this article. Till now around 10,000 digital currencies are known to the world. The best part is, it is measured in real currency values.
  10. E-commerce: E-commerce is a platform which has given great relief to people who are sellers. Not even a single business point was left untouched with its impact. Amazon, FlipKart, Facebook Marketplace and many more created an arena for sellers to sell their products to different parts of the world without worrying about lockdown.


Technology is boon till it is being used for the best for mankind. After this it will take over our life with its addiction. It is important to draw a line upon our dependency over it.


Till now the innovation so far has been beneficial and eases our life. It has given us support during pandemic times and was God for many. Hope you are also using technology wisely for yourself and for your loved ones!


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